owance on drink, and many times he had fasted for twenty-four hours together,


came back to his old home, and sought a reconciliation with those he had once hate

d. He was generously received, a mercantile position was found for him, his ol


d allowance was doubled, and he grew to like Oliver as much as he had once deteste

d him. If Mrs. Conrad is ever married again it will be to Mr. Bundy, who is


her devoted admirer. Oliver has decided to become a lawyer. If he carries out his

Collect from /


purpose, he will always be ready to champion the cause of the poor and the oppressed. He is engaged to Carrie Dudley, and the wedding will take place immediately after he is admitted to the bar. The clouds are dispersed, and henceforth, we may hope, his pathway will be lighted by sunshine to THE END. PREFACE. To my Young Friends: Not many years ago, China and Japan were regarded as among the barbarous nations. The rest of the world kne

w comparatively little about their peoples, and, on the other hand, the inhabitants of those countries had only a slight knowledge of Europe and America. To-day the situation is greatly changed; China and Japan are holding intimate relations with us and with Europe, and there is every prospect that the acquaintance between the East and the West will increase as the years roll on. There is a general desire for information concerning the people of the Far East, and it is especially strong among the youths of America. The characters in "The Boy Travellers" are fictitious; but the scenes that passed before their eyes, the people they

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